Surely I could tell
When I sleep tonight
A dream will call
And raise it’s head in majesty
Dividing all my energy
To the meeting of your love  
                                  Anderson / Howe / Wakeman / Bruford

Lots of times there is just nothing on my mind. I don’t know why I cry! I am not sad. I feel safe. I am loved. I guess maybe I am just emotional? I get tired easily, so I try to take a nap a couple times a day. The best thing about having a Cerebral Brain Aneurysm is that I don’t worry as much as I use too. I like who I am now. Another neat thing is that I use my left hand as much, if not more than my right hand. Even if my short term memory is not the best, there are some things that I will never forget. I remember everything, except sometimes it is kinda different. I am so thankful. I am blessed by God, my family, and my friends.



To the unconditional love of the Woman I adore.

routine: noun

  1. regular, unvarying, habitual………… Do it a thousand times. The same way every time.


Keep on keeping on. Laugh with your loved one and make them feel like they are loved, safe and important. Every day is a new day. Smile when you wake up and thank the one above for everything. Make my mind strong, my body strong, and my soul strong, in your name Jesus. Amen.


Hasta la próxima.



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