Bill’s and Insurance Claims

Wow, here they come. Bill after bill. Hundreds of Insurance claims. This is nuts. I could have pulled my hair out. Luckily a good friend helped me organize the method to “the” madness.

I eventually had to set up a cardboard table in the spare bedroom and when the claims started to come in, I would put them in order by “Provider of Service”, and or by “Claim Received On”. There could be dozens of claims by the same Provider.

I started to look at what my Copay and Deductible was, and kept up with that, but eventually there were so many claims I just went back to the sorting by Provider.

I was very lucky, or blessed that my wife also had good insurance through her company. My insurance would be the secondary and helped pay what the primary insurance would not. Also, you do not have to pay the full amount all in one shot. Figure out your budget and make that monthly payment at the minimum if possible. You might be able to call the Biller and get them to lower the total bill. You won’t know until you try.

Ah yes though. The bills just kept coming in. And they will keep coming. One thing that just blew me away was that my two daughters, my wife’s daughter, and my sister’s conjured up a benefit for my wife to help with the bills. I could not believe how many people helped and donated for this benefit. It truly was a huge help. If there is any way that you or someone that could help getting one going, I highly recommend it. It also helped me emotionally as well. All of the people you love and know are so willing to help. They just need a nudge to know what to do.

The one that showed me kindness, Was the one that taught me kindness
Though I did not recognize it, Still I might have died without it
And when I awakened, It was too late to thank her
If I live someday I’ll make repayment, And show someone the kindness she showed me.                                                                                                                         Todd Rundgren

I never would have imagined that I would be caring for someone with a brain injury, providing assistance for activities of daily living, total financial, social and emotional support. I was just as unprepared as anyone could be. Being a caregiver has changed my life. Being the main one, who will protect, devote time to, and give serious attention, to another person.

Hasta la próxima.